Entropy8Zuper! Products

Numbers Merchandizing
Special page where you can download icons, desktop wallpapers and a screensaver for your computer made to support the online melodrama that is Numbers.


Leviticus Ecstasy Screen Saver
Screen saving version of the last scene of Leviticus with high quality graphics and sounds.Featuring the E8Z! cover of Je t'aime Moi Non Plus.

Windows95+ installer (1.84 MB)
PowerMac control panel (2.6 MB)

Leviticus Wallpaper (desktop pattern)
The Rules according to E8Z! Leviticus.

554x296 suitable for tiling

Adam and Eve Quake models
Quake3Arena version of the Adam and Eve models we used in Eden.Garden 1.0.

Download (2.43 MB)
Her boyfriend came back from the war Screen Saver

Screen saver version of our contribution to Olia Lialina's Last Real Net Art Museum

Windows95+ installer (696 KB)
PowerMac control panel (971 MB)

CameraSS Sreen Saver
Now you can stare at our live camera images all the time and be brainwashed by unsolicited messages. (Net connection required!)

Windows95+ installer (308 KB)
On line version

Cloudtype Screen Saver
Desktop version of Auriea as screensaver.

Windows95+ installer (1 MB)
PowerMac control panel (1 MB)