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Welcome to the Promised Land

Entropy8Zuper! launch the final chapter of The Godlove Museum and release a complete remake of their Magnum Opus as a software download.

Gent, Belgium, 9 December 2006

Created by Auriea Harvey ( en Michaël Samyn (, The Godlove Museum has been a continuous artistic project from 1999 until now. It consists of five web-based artworks combining the stories from the first books of the Bible with personal romantic fantasies and social commentary.

The series started with Genesis in 1999, one of the first pieces created by the authors together and the start of a long an fruitful carreer that continues to this very day. Later that same year, when Auriea left her home to come and live with Michaël, it seemed only appropriate to make Exodus. In Leviticus (2000) it became clear that Auriea and Michaël's idyllic affair did not come without a price to pay. And in Numbers (2002) it was war. A personal struggle to deal with their cultural roots, against the backdrop of the Global War on Terror. Now, with Deuteronomy (2006), some kind of peace has been achieved. They can sanely look at their lives and realize that the Promised Land didn't turn out to be what they thought it would. Time to move on.

After the Browser Wars and especially with the Second Coming of the Web ("web 2.0"), the early pieces of The Godlove Museum started to deteriorate. They made sophisticated use of techniques that were high tech at the time but abandoned by the Engineers Who Rule The World later. As a result, Genesis and Exodus, and to some extent Leviticus, had become invisible to the audience.
Now these chapters have been recreated with current technology and wrapped into a format that will hopefully stand the test of time. As of now, the whole Godlove Museum is available as a single downloadable application for Windows or Mac OS X. This may very well be the first case of a restoration of a digital artwork of this magnitude.

Entropy8Zuper! is the merger of Entropy8 and Zuper!. When they met in 1999, Auriea Harvey (.us) and Michaël Samyn (.be) dropped everything to go and live and work together. They made web design for clients and for people. In 2000 the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art awarded them the one and only Prize for Excellence in Online Art, mostly for their achievements with The Godlove Museum. Currently, their focus has shifted away from web-based projects to video games. As Tale of Tales, they run the multiplayer game The Endless Forest.

The creation of Deuteronomy as well as the restoration of The Godlove Museum have been supported by the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds.

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The Godlove Museum